Financial freedom is when the world becomes a moneyless society

i plan to contribute to the moneyless society movement by sifting through the thousands of material available through the internet, and summarizing all ideas into simple, easy to understand articles that will (hopefully) be more accessible to others. this will be the placeholder for this project. to start, i have bookmarked some websites that have good material regarding the movement. i’ve noticed that the movement is gaining ground and is starting to become mainstream. however, i’ve also noticed that the movement, just like any large organization, has started to fracture into different factions with differing views on how to achieve our goal of a moneyless society. my hope is that we can encourage differing opinions and plans of action and yet maintain solidarity on the one thing we ALL agree on – that money needs to go and that we need to build a more sustainable way of living.

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freelance writer, daydreamer, aspiring filmmaker, voracious reader, internet addict, incorrigible procrastinator.
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4 Responses to Financial freedom is when the world becomes a moneyless society

  1. Guest says:

    The only sensible blog in your list but dude come on, jejemon? Despite the text mania in Manila, punctuation is still a thing for blogging. Readers worldwide cannot relate with this lack of respect for correct punctuation, capitalization, and what not.

  2. terence18 says:

    yabang mo wala kang pera

  3. Madison Woods says:

    By ‘moneyless’ do you envision barter and trade as a means of procuring things we need? I’m curious because my quest in life (aside from being able to call myself a writer by Resnick’s definition, lol) is to escape from the rat race. I’m willing and able to give up quite a lot in the way of consumer lifestyle to do this, and have finally found a partner of like mind. So I’m just curious about your idea.

    • jaoromero says:

      not barter and trade, but the eventual elimination for the need to trade. this is where social evolution is heading anyway. technology is pushing us into that “post-scarcity” world wherein ppl won’t need to work. the thing is, the only way we can keep this financial system is if we allow the top 1% to keep on strengthening artificial scarcity practices.

      barter, trade, and financial transactions are only a necessity in a world that has yet to learn how to distribute its resources logically. in a world that has grown up, grown wiser, or whatever you want to call being enlightened, there wouldn’t be a need to stock resources in warehouses leaving it to rot simply because many can’t afford it, nor will there be any need to own resources. resources would be distributed as is needed.

      the age-old, and cliched response to this is that “you can’t fight human nature. humans are greedy. you can’t realize a world wherein humans just consume what they need and share everything else.”

      but are we really? too greedy, i mean?

      then why is there a proliferation of FOSS? why do sites like Wikipedia succeed? ppl toil day in and day out to make free software, free games, share information – all FOR FREE. if you examine the social movements of the 21st century, you will see a pattern towards this philosophy of crowd collaboration and sharing of information and products for free with the only payment being RECOGNITION.

      deep inside of us, RECOGNITION is a higher mode of payment than CASH. this is where the future is headed, no matter how “realists” try to fight it. it’s there, waiting, for those that can see present events clearly shaping the future.

      OCCUPY WALL STREET isn’t just about taking down Wall Street. It’s about a much bigger movement. And its begging everyone to look themselves in the mirror and ask themselves?

      Am I really innately greedy or am I just greedy because the system dictates I be greedy so as to survive?

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