Waiting anxiously for his fever to break
Standing vigil all night long
Waking up in the dead of night
to sing him a lullaby song

Early morning breakfasts
late night snacks
a roomful of cluttered toys
lost underwear and socks

Messy dining tables
hand drawn paintings on the wall
crooked scribblings of “I love you’s”
each weekend trip to the mall

A dozen broken chinaware
ripped dolls and stuffed toys
all the cartoons you could watch
every tears and every joys

My father (a chronic workaholic)
said I’ve wasted ten years of my time
(being a stay at home dad)
It makes me so sad
till this day he still can’t see

Time you want to put in a bottle
and time you wish stood still
time you wish you had forever
only a family will reveal

About Jao

freelance writer, daydreamer, aspiring filmmaker, voracious reader, internet addict, incorrigible procrastinator.
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