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A Pool on the Roof

Once upon a time, when I was just 15 years old, I dreamt of having a pool on the roof that does not have a leak. I’ve forgotten that. I’ve forgotten so many things. Crash Override, Acid Burn, the language … Continue reading

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She talks to me for hours without end Soothes me when I’m in my bends Embraces me and kisses me Accepts me for who I am She doesn’t question She doesn’t accuse She only ever looks me in the eye … Continue reading

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My wife once asked me if I’ve ever been sad I said there was only one day I was ever sad and that was the day before I met you all the other days before that did not exist

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My friend once told me: To be loved without doubts or reservations without trials and tribulations without lies and betrayal is to be happy. And I said: To love is to be happy.

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In my hand I hold a gift that you once gave me Full of love, we were told to hold on to each other tightly But fate would not agree and love was not so strong So now all that’s … Continue reading

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