I Was Forever In Love With You My Dear

I was forever in love with you my dear
though sometimes you hardly hear
nor see it much or even fear
this bloke’s eyes do wander to your peers

Yet day by day I do love you
even though my ways may sometimes fail you
all the things I never do for you
against the things you never see are for you

The things you ask I cannot give
For what I wish is that we simply live
For each moment swiftly passes through
like sand through a tiny sieve

No overt gestures nor exaggerated claim shall I make
nor public showing of everlasting love which i see are all fake
but these i do give for your sake
my self, my mind, my ever precious time please do take

I was forever in love with you my dear
I was a bird in the sky that alighted on your shoulders
You asked me to stay a while and forgo flying
And for a while I did

But all birds, sooner or later will yearn to fly
so let them be or let them die

I was forever in love with you my dear
But alas, no more I fear
In place of dreams you have asked for practicality
In place of wings you have asked for security
In place of flying you have asked for walking
In place of songs you have asked for droning

So my wings I cut off
My songs I forgot
My dreams I put off
My flight, short I did cut

You fell in love with a bird
but I was a bird no more
I was forever in love with you my dear
as a bird
not as a tattered wing in a cage

About Jao

freelance writer, daydreamer, aspiring filmmaker, voracious reader, internet addict, incorrigible procrastinator.
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