About Me

Hi, I’m Jao. I’m a freelance writer. You can hire me to write about anything really. I’ll even write a eulogy for your dog if you feel the need to have one. I am, as most writers like me are: willing to write about anything for anyone so long as I’m compensated. But I write for recreation too. I write for fun. I write just for the heck of it. I write because by writing I am able to express myself. I write so I can reach people, entertain them, educate them, touch their lives. If my words were able to touch, reach, or change just even a quarter of the people who read it, I’ve had already achieved more than I’ve set out doing. If I’ve made people laugh, cry, shake their heads in disbelief, or fume in anger – then I know my work has not been for naught.

I also write because I believe I can change the world with the things I write. I believe I can move people, make them see things they’ve never seen before. I believe in the power of words, and I believe that by the things I write, I can make the world a better place. Last but certainly not the least, I write for you, dear readers. Without you, I’d have no purpose in writing. I write to be read and I’d be more than interested to know what you think about. So drop me a line, comment on my pages, say anything really. You’re my employers and I’d like to know what you think.

This is the boring version of my About Me page

I’m 31 years old, happily married (most of the time), and have one rambunctious son whose only purpose in life is to drive me mad and make me happy in fluctuating degrees. I have a degree in Physical Therapy but I’ve never made use of it. Right after graduation, I went straight into joblessness with the only aim of being a sloth for as long as I can — my only compensation for going through the hardship of five years studying something I did not like.

I’ve been a private tutor, a customer service representative, a forum moderator, and a TV reporter before I started my foray into freelance writing. Before that, I just wrote for my own satisfaction. Then someone told me they pay people for this kind of thing. I checked it out and I said, “not bad.”

So that’s what I do now. I write anything from advertising copy to product reviews to vanity blog posts. If you’d like to hire me, just drop me a line. If you have anything to say about the things I write, my comment page is open. If you would like to call in a debt, sell me something, or ask me to do things that goes against my beliefs, you’re out of luck. I have nothing to pay you, I hate sales talk, and I stand firm on my beliefs. Anything else is negotiable.


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