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Robots Have Feelings Too

One day, in the near future, self-aware Artificial Intelligence would be among us. We would be their parents much like H. heidelbergensis were our parents. They would be our end much like we were the end for H. heidelbergensis — … Continue reading

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JCI Corner: Imagine

Last Friday, November 13, extremists groups attacked six separate locations throughout Paris, killing 129 people and wounding 352, of whom ninety-nine were reported to be in very serious condition. Immediately afterward, Francoise Hollande, President of France, went on national TV … Continue reading

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JCI Corner: Volunteerism and the Demand to Earn a Living

As members of Junior Chamber International (JCI), one of the very first thing we learn in JCI is that membership in the organization is purely voluntary. We cannot force someone to join us, we cannot force them to be active, … Continue reading

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Youngblood: Corrupted

I MARVEL at how our world has developed over the centuries and how mankind has progressed from his early beginnings as a cave dweller to become an urban yuppie. I marvel at how our world has been transformed by the … Continue reading

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Two Sides of A Coin

“In resurrecting the long undead, I open Pandora’s box. It is not without unease that I do so. I know the dangers, but I also know the possibilities. Live! Live and wreck havoc on the world once more and know … Continue reading

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