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Are You Rich Enough?

I was browsing the web when I chanced upon a link that says “Are You Rich Enough? The Terrible Tragedy of Income.” I thought to myself that that was a very profound title, describing perfectly how our society has become … Continue reading

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“Saan Napunta ang Pera ni Juan?” at Iba Pang Economic Misunderstanding ng Karamihan

Sabi sa video na ito Ang pera raw ni Juan ay napupunta either sa assets or sa liabilities. Ang mayayaman raw ay ginagastos ang pera nila sa assets (yung mga bagay na kumikita ng pera), samantalang ang mga mahihirap daw … Continue reading

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Moving Up Student’s Grade Levels Per Subject

Continuing from my earlier post on education, and emphasizing the need for further decongestion, I have realized that not only should we reduce the number of subjects in our schools, we should also stop boxing-in our students by grade levels … Continue reading

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Why Piracy is Good and Copyright Evil or Why I’d Rather be a Starving Writer than be a Rich A-hole Like Harlan Ellison

Before everything else, let’s read Lloyd Kaufman’s own take on Why Piracy is Good and Copyright Sucks. Improv Everywhere also has a very funny, yet ironically, quite a bitingly truthful protest about copyright infringement which they called: WAP, Writers Against … Continue reading

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Because some random comments on the web are too precious to be allowed to be lost buried under the din of the crowd

I came accross the comment/s below while reading this article written by Adam Hartung in it’s just too good a comment/convo to be left to wallow in anonymity. Posted by someone using the handle “kishind,” the comment/s below reflect … Continue reading

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