About Potpourri

I am leaving this blog inactive. My blog is now hosted at Potpourri

13 Responses to About Potpourri

  1. fdsafasdfsd says:

    ang bobo mo ang panget ng blog mo!

  2. Elisa Marcema says:

    Rubbish blog site.. self-centered phasing and the contents reflects the personality of the blogger. Simply stupid.

  3. DJ says:

    Do you do editing/proof reading work? Let me know. Drop me a line


  4. frances says:

    boring site

  5. read your comment on one of the youngblood articles and it was very bias. it is based on pure hate and anger not through the keen eyes of a great observer.pointless and useless comments.

    • jaoromero says:

      you should reply there, and not here in my blog. not to mention you did not even link nor identify the article in question. it seems your comment here is even more pointless and useless as i can neither know what you are talking about nor answer your accusation.

  6. dos_sentimos says:

    try harder a.s.s – h.o.l.e .!.c,” )

  7. dos_sentimos says:

    Idiot .!.c,” )

  8. Edmund says:

    So this is your blog. Thanks for commenting on my site. Why are you writing here in wordpress.com, you’re such a good writer buy a domain I suggest.

    • jaoromero says:

      Hi Edmund, thanks for the compliment, but I don’t remember which site (of yours) you are talking about. I visit a lot of sites if you can imagine.

      and yes, i plan to buy a domain soon.

  9. Kim Jingco says:

    Hey Jao! I looked around, and Potpourri’s okay. I just don’t seem to understand the vile comments here. So I’m leaving this note to try to offset those vile ones, heh heh.

    • Jao says:

      i rub a lot of ppl the wrong way in the online world. this is just their way of lashing back. my comment section would’ve been fully open if not for spam. as it is, i only block spam and approve everything else. censorship is for bores.

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